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Britain’s OLD THEATRES magazine of theatre nostalgia

April 14, 2012



Just to let everybody know that Britain’s unique magazine of theatre nostalgia, OLD THEATRES, now has additional Patrons and a new look. Published three times a year in support of our great theatres, past and present, each edition contains over 100 ilustrations, many in full colour, within its 50 pages.  It features ‘lost’ theatres, old theatres which have been restored, stories of artistes’ experiences within them, together with extra information which is not normally seen in other theatre publications.

Needless to say, it gets great reviews from theatre organisations everywhere, including the Theatres Trust whose aim is to protect theatres for everyone. Participating theatre groups and organisations, including museumns, historical societies, schools and colleges, are cordially invited to contact us so that we can give our support.

For more information, please visit our web pages and just JOIN IN !

A mighty northern theatre from Britain's variety days, still operating today as a night club.


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  1. Britain’s unique OLD THEATRES magazine is now in its sixth year and is also linked with theatre historical groups in America and Europe. We have also successfully twinned Morecambe Winter Gardens theatre with the 4th Street theater at Moberley, Missouri.
    Now published in full colour, with many stars from show business as its Patrons, three delightful Editions are produced a year. Do take a look at our web pages for more information. So why not discover your theatre heritage? We will be delighted to hear from you.

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